Casco hull insurance is designed to cover the damage done to ships. Potential accidents, break-ins, and aggressive behavior are some of the many causes of damage.

This type of insurance covers the physical loss, the destruction and damage to the hull, the machinery, the devices and equipment, the usual fuel reserves, and other items on the boat.


Mandatory liability insurance covers the liability of the boat owner or operator for damage claims resulting from death, injury, damage to the health of the swimmer, diver, or people on the land. Vessel owners are obliged to insure their vehicle every year.

Mandatory insurance can be expanded by taking out a voluntary liability insurance. This type of insurance covers the legal extra-contractual owner liability:

  • Collision liability
  • Impact liability
  • Oil pollution liability
  • Liability to swimmers
  • Liability to passengers
  • Costs of removing wreckage

Furthermore, persons on the boat can also take out voluntary insurance policies against accidents (boat captain, members of the crew, passengers).