Insurance claims assistance

Special emphasis is placed on providing assistance in resolving insurance claims – the essence and fundamental aspect of insurance. To ensure a quality and efficient insurance claim handling and restitution, a broker will carry out the following activities together with the client:

A long-term experience obtained by working with various clients (civil engineering, transport, logistics, medicine and hospital systems, banking and finance, hotel industry, manufacturing, renewable energy sources, and many others), the dedication to the insurance business by means of creating insurance programs and assisting with damage claims, as well as the presence in the insurance market all guarantee quality and ensure the satisfaction of current and potential clients.


Fill out the damage claim form with the information about the damage incident. After reviewing the claim, we will contact you in case we need additional information about the incident. The damage will then be reported to the insurance company. PARTNER BROKER L.t.d. will continue to work with you throughout the entire damage liquidation process.