General liability insurance covers the liability of the insurer, which arises from the registered business activity, ownership, possession, legal relations and damages resulting from death, bodily harm, as well as damages or destruction caused to the third party.

Death and injury compensation claims and damage to the possession of a third-party can be substantial and increase the business load. As such events are hard to predict and can arise in various situations, even when least expected, we recommend having a general liability insurance policy.


This type of insurance covers the civil and legal protection against damage made to the aggrieved party due to contractual obligations not being met, not being met fully, or being met with a delay. In other words, the insurance covers the damages resulting from services being provided by employees of the insurer.


Workplace injuries are sadly very common. Cases in which employees decide do claim damages or file a lawsuit against their employer – who they deem liable for their injury – are becoming more frequent.

Sometimes these claims can be very complex and expensive, posing a serious threat to the company which is why more and more companies take out employer’s liability for employee policies.


If you are in the manufacturing or distribution business, you face the risk of being liable for a defective product or the quality of the product delivered to the end-user, as well as for all material and non-material damage caused to the third-party brought on by the use of the product. 

Product liability insurance covers the damages resulting from death, physical or mental injury, and/or destruction of property of third parties, which result from the use of the defective product manufactured, sold, or distributed by the insurer.

PARTNER BROKER l.t.d. will help you to evaluate the exposure of your company to various risks, opt for the right insurance coverage, and guide you in choosing the adequate insurance policy, having in mind the intensity and the type of work you do.